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Self-Help for Medicare Advantage Agents

This self-help web site provides insurance agents with 24-hour access to Medicare Advantage product information. Just click on one of the carriers above to view key information such as rates, plans available, contracts, underwriting rules, lead programs and more. Call us at 1-877-645-0147 and speak with one of our experienced and licensed Marketing Coordinators. Over the years, MAForAgents.com has earned a reputation for integrity, leadership and performance with insurance companies, producers and consumers.

Why Should You Work with Senior Market Sales?

The dust is settling for Medicare Advantage plans for 2014 effective dates, and Senior Market Sales offers the best names in the industry. Watch as Dwane McFerrin explains why you should work with Senior Market Sales and have a successful 2014 selling season.

Social Security Planning for Medicare Agents

As a Medicare agent in the Senior Market, you’re in a perfect position to help raise awareness of the thousands that are at stake when electing Social Security benefits.

  • Help your clients uncover thousands in extra benefits
  • Build your credibility in the senior market
  • Add value to clients who are transitioning to Medicare and Social Security
  • Free Calculator available to SMS agents

We Only Run with the Best...So Should You!

Senior Market Sales Represents the 4 of the Top 5 Medicare Advantage Carriers in terms of Enrollment.

And we offer everything you need to leverage your time, make more money and put your business in a position of distinction.